Idle Musings

Sometimes I just want to go out and stare at mountains. The Rockies are fucking gorgeous.

This is going to be a bit of a different sort of post than I normally want to do. I try to have something in mind when I write, even if it remains mostly full on stream-of-consciousness thinking; but I realize that I have essentially nothing to share, no big project finished or significant topic I feel like covering in detail. That’s no big deal, the three people who will read this post probably don’t care what I write, but it matters to me to have something in mind when I write.

What I’ve decided to do this time around was to simply… spew thoughts, really. A few different thoughts, on various things abound in the broad “pagan” sphere, both in the last while and simply in general; no specific thing in mind. Perhaps it’s unnecessary to do so, but I do want to maintain some sort of schedule, so this is what you’ll get. Enjoy a series of idle musings.

No you don’t need to worry about the perfect offering, please calm down

This is extremely petty a complaint, but I routinely see people ask about trying to get things “right”; the correct way to make an altar, the correct offering for a deity, the correct prayers, a long list of things expecting an itemized list of “how to religion.” I wonder how much of this is a remnant of Christian obsessions with getting things perfect before their God lest they be cast down into (the bad, inferior compared to the Hidden Lady’s realm of) Hell.

I don’t know how many times I, or other people, have to say it, but for sake of codification; Stop. Don’t worry about getting things 100% correct, for unless you were performing a full on rite for a lot of people, it’s solely you and your object of worship and veneration. The correct altar is one that makes you feel connected to the divine the most; the correct offering is what you would happily give a friend, even if it’s just a cup of water; the correct prayer is whatever is said with true desire to connect and worship. It might shock people who have read my poetry, but I rarely speak in verse in my prayers; I do adopt a somewhat more formal style, but it’s the kind of rambling I would give to a friend when I’m excitedly explaining whatever nonsense I have on mind. It’s fine, the High Ones understand, trust me.

Just because a medieval book says something about someone doesn’t mean it’s 100% their character in actuality

(This section contains a brief reference to sexual violence, so content warning ahead)

This is even more bloody petty, considering my faith is one that decidedly lacks mythological texts from antiquity, and probably hypocritical since I literally write my own texts, but I’m fine being petty and hypocritical.

This is something I see sometimes, both within and beyond the confines of pagan religious circles, but I see enough people mistake a textual description of a god or a spirit of any kind for being an objective character assessment. If any Hellenist is reading this, let me hit you with heavy psychic damage; “Zeus is a rapist.” The great tales of Zeus being perpetually horny and routinely worming his way, consensually or not, make up a lot of Greek storytelling; Zeus being your dad was often a mark of quasi-divine “hero” status in those same myths. Zeus was depicted like this, as one we would consider a serial adulterer and rapist with a prolific inability to not spill his seed everywhere, because that was the way Greek men, especially heads of households, behaved; it was a way to explain that he was Father of Gods and Men, King of Olympos. Likewise, every other deity was mythologically written in ways to explain their attributes, whom they favored, what they were somewhat like; these aren’t snapshots, more dramatizations.

I think this also plays in with Christian literalism leaving its mark, like the previous thing.

Related to the subject of myths and writings, as well as the previous…

Please, for the love of Woden, stop trying for orthodox belief, I beg you, stopppppp

The last two things are part of greater trends (once more, influenced by Christianized society) towards desiring orthodoxy. I wouldn’t have even put the two together, but I’ve already seen a whole ass kerfuffle surrounding a man actively trying to create an Orthodox Heathenry. So. You know, apparently people are genuinely in need of being told certain things.

Just because you might have a book with stories and shit doesn’t make it necessary to craft an entire orthodoxy around it. In fact, I’m to the point of wanting to tell (mostly Norse) Heathens to literally light their Eddas on fire and join us in square one; having scant sources, mostly in archaeology, and needing to build back anew. One is held back if they cling to a single source for their religion; ones own gnosis is just as functional in developing your own personal faith as a damned book.

Anyway, on one last note…

Hey if you see someone pal around with Nazis please fucking punch them. And the Nazi too. Just, start whacking.

I know the occultists have just dealt with this kinda shit recently, and I know it’s a perpetual problem in multiple pagan religious spaces too, so, let us address this problem constructively.

Stop letting it be a problem. Just fucking break their Nazi noses, make them sieg heil out from their assholes after inserting their entire body inside them. Purging Nazis from existence is not only fine but a moral good.

If someone is perfectly willing to pal around with fascist swine, also feel free to pummel them like Thunor pummels ettins with his hammer.

Nazis are bad. Actually kick their asses.

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