About Me

Wes hāl! My name is Sigrún Aldgyth; this is the blog of an Anglo-Saxon Heathen, a witch, a poet, and an anarchist. Here is where I desire to put to thought the various things that come to mind pertaining these various elements. I am also a trans, vaguely nonbinary woman, and so that will likely form a part of the content as well.

Anglo-Saxon Heathen?

From the broadest point of view, my religion would be counted among Paganism (or Modern Paganism or Neopaganism to differentiate from the ancient polytheist religions labeled pejoratively as “pagan”). The specific sort of Paganism I practice is that of Heathenry, or Germanic (neo)Paganism, a specific form centered around the deities of… well, Germanic pre-Christian Europe.

Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, based on the polytheist religion of early England, is a subset of that, being distinct from other Heathen faiths (like the more numerous Norse Heathenry) via usage of Old English as a language and some differences in deities. Expect some posts on my ideas on God myths, religious practice, and other such things.


Alongside my Heathenry, and very closely connected to it in fact, is my witchcraft. My witchcraft is built around, predominantly, practices that would’ve been known to the settling Angles, Saxons and Jutes of England, as well as ideas taken from other Germanic cultures. The primary focus is built around speech and the runes, the Anglo-Frisian Futhorc specifically; be it divination or charm making or chanting.

The ancient peoples were not bound to “traditional” magical practice, obviously; if I see an idea that I can borrow without fuss (and without cultural theft!), and I like it, I’ll give it a go.


Like how my religion and witchcraft are intertwined, so is this next element; poetry. I make poems in the vein of the old poetry of the Germanic peoples, that being so-called Alliterative Verse. I do wish to make a few blog posts about how to exactly do this kind of poetry, so expect that too.


Yes, an anarchist, what a shock in today’s world. It shouldn’t be too surprising to see that this also is worked in with everything else. Don’t believe I need to explain what anarchy is, right?

Now, I’m sure that the “anarchist” part, as well as the aforementioned “trans, vaguely nonbinary” thing should deter some of you silly ninny fascists from looking at this blog any further, but if it’s any way not enough, this blog stands by the Declaration of Deeds and Declaration 127. And to put that into even harder language; fascists get bullets, not frith.

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