Good Folks to Read & Watch

The following is a non-exhaustive list of various blogs, sites, etc. that are either fantastic resources in their own right, or honestly just good folk that should be given a chance if you haven’t given them one yet.

  • The Fyrnsidu website, a beautiful beginner’s resource on the basics of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, and it’s got such warm and lovely colors in its logo I swear…
  • Lārhūs Fyrnsida is also amazing in that regard, goes a fair bit more in depth on various subjects regarding deities and worshipful praxis
  • The Longship is perfect for those who are entirely new to Heathenry in general and would like the brass tacks on things
  • Wind in the Worldtree, and associated Youtube channel, provides quite a lot of information regarding the process of reconstruction as well as praxis
  • Mine Wyrtruman is fantastic on deity reconstructions and other variously good things
  • Ocean Keltoi, a Norse Heathen Youtuber with excellent videos regarding both deities of the Norse pantheon as well as on the subject of polytheist philosophy and dealing with Christian or atheist arguments
  • Wolf the Red, another Norse Heathen with videos on rituals, a series on the Eddic poem Havamal, and videos on matters surrounding the Heathen community in general
  • Drekisdottir’s site on historical runic magic and its possible applications today as compared to many modern divinatory and sigil-based practices; a lot of their ideas and mine align quite a bit, so I’m linking them as a good resource
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