The Wise Words of Grima

Okay! I have worked, like, a fucking long time on this (thanks depression), but it’s finally complete. This is a work of cosmogony and theogony, rendered through storytelling; the basis of which include the Eddic poem Grímnismál, the first part of the Prose Edda called Gylfaginning, and numerous other texts and ideas, with hints ofContinue reading “The Wise Words of Grima”

Woden: An Informal Study

So, it’s not exactly a secret that the top deity of my personal praxis is Woden; being a witch, a poet, and a horrible gremlin of a scholar, it’s probably the most natural pairing since salt and the sea. Many an offering I’ve made to him, poetry I’ve dedicated, and though I don’t personally putContinue reading “Woden: An Informal Study”

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